Dr. Cameron Dennis

Dr. Cameron Dennis

Physical Therapist, Owner

I went to high school in Anna, OH until graduating in 2008. I went to The University of Toledo and earned my Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science in 2012 and my Doctorate in Physical Therapy in 2015. I moved to Wapakoneta and have lived there with my 6-year-old son ever since! I worked at Otterbein in Cridersville for 18 months prior to starting Back on Track PT in 2017.

I’ve always been into sports, but running became my passion during high school. What started as a way to stay in shape for basketball evolved into what would become a lifelong obsession with running. I wasn’t always a great runner, placing near last place in my first 2-mile race but I improved quickly and placed top-10 by the last race of the season. As I grew through the years, I learned to love the middle-distance track and field races, winning our district races for the 800-meter dash in two consecutive years and having success in the 400-meter dash also. I was recruited by multiple Universities but opted to focus on my school. My grades hadn’t been the main focus during high school which resulted in average marks.

I knew that if I was to graduate with a degree from college, I would need to focus on school and collegiate sports are basically a full-time job. I had always set high expectations for myself, and my choice of career reflected this. I wanted to be in the medical field so that I could help people, but I didn’t want to be around bodily fluids, so I chose to become a Doctor of Physical Therapy. This would allow me to work with athletes, particularly runners, work in the medical field, and would be a suitable challenge for me. I graduated from PT school in 2015 and started my practice in 2017. Around that time, I began coaching runners across the world over the internet. My focus was on helping injured runners return to the road and trails. During this time, I worked directly with athletes from Australia, Ireland, Kenya, and many other countries. I mentored several running and sports medicine experts in the field to better prepare for working with the athletic population. I’ve been working with athletes of all ages for over 8 years and continue to study research articles and continue to learn from experts in the field to continue growing my knowledge and further my skills as a physical therapist. Also, I received my certification in dry needling and my USA Track and Field Coaching Certification in 2020.
Determination, empathy, and integrity.

“To Give Anything Less Than Your Best is to Sacrifice the Gift” -Steve Prefontaine

As the owner of the company, I make sure that we maintain the highest standard of care so that our patients reach their goals. As a PT, I work hard to ensure patients are heard and that our plan helps them reach THEIR goals, regardless of the insurance companies or any other restraints. I specialize in working with runners and athletes who have pain while practicing or playing their sport!

I want patients to understand that their pain is temporary and that it can get better. Your pain or injury isn’t a death sentence and you WILL get better with the right actions.

Any condition in which the patient is motivated and dedicated to getting better!

I enjoy working with active people and being able to actually have them run, throw, lift weights, etc because we have everything needed to do those things right here in the building! I really like the Alter-G (Anti-Gravity Treadmill) because it’s like running on the moon! You can run with as little as 20 percent of your body weight going through your body which is really helpful when it hurts to walk or run!

What is Dr. Cameron Reading, Watching, or listening to?

  • The Office (TV Show)
  • Scrubs (TV Show)
  • New Girl (TV Show)

When I’m not at work, my favorite thing is spending quality time with my family. I love being outside playing basketball, running, hiking, or biking. I also enjoy playing the guitar, watching shows, or playing video games.

When I first went to Dr Cameron with an ITBand injury, it was at a low point in my life, emotionally and physically. I am usually a very active person, and the pain and injury were preventing me from working in my lawn and flower beds, and I was totally unable to go on walks without excruciating pain, let alone get back to running. From day 1 Dr Cameron was so kind, compassionate, and understanding. He listened to me, and really “saw” me, and truly became a special friend to me. Dr Cameron and his staff all went above and beyond to make going to PT a joyous, delightful time, of not only healing physically, through Dr Cameron’s expert knowledge of just the right workout to help my body become stronger to do the things I love, once again; but also it was an experience of emotional healing, with new found friendships, through their loving support.

I’ve been seeing Dr. Cameron for a few months now and he and his staff are absolutely wonderful. I’ve never been to a physical therapist before so I didn’t know what to expect when I was instructed to seek one out for treatment for my PTTD, but I was pleasantly surprised by my experience at Back on Track. Dr. Cameron and his staff are very friendly and attentive, I always feel comfortable talking about my concerns and progress because I know I’m actually being listened to. He’s very knowledgeable and customizes your therapy plan according to your needs and abilities. He is also non-judgmental and sees you as an entire person, not just your body type/weight. As a plus size person I sometimes struggle to find doctors/medical professionals who take me seriously and see beyond my weight, so I was anxious about seeing a physical therapist. Dr. Cameron does acknowledge my weight is unhealthy and I should strive towards weight loss, however, I’ve never once felt judged or looked down upon because of my weight from either Dr. Cameron or his staff. Tl;dr I highly recommend Dr. Cameron and Back on Track, I’ve had nothing but positive interactions at all my appointments.

Dr. Cameron has not only helped me regain strength in my neck, shoulders, arms & back but he’s built up my confidence too. When I first started a few months ago I could barely hold my arms up for more than a few seconds before feeling numbness and burning in my shoulders/neck. Something as simple as resting my arm on my car door while driving was painful. Now I’m able to easily carry/deadlift a 55lb kettlebell along with doing many other exercises with weights. With consistent dedication, his guidance, trying different things and structure in my routine, I’m finally able to continue my journey on my own & feel confident I have all the tools I need to continue getting stronger. THANK YOU Dr. Cameron